Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

I read the Change Your Questions, Change Your Life(Marilee G. Adams).
There is a lesson to be learnt here. ”You can’t change anyone else. If you want to change anyone else, you change myself.”
I understand the book that it is useful previous thing.
If you change from “question of criticism” to “question of study” , your attitude change and anyone else relationship change.
It is very wonderful that everybody has that attitude.
This dose not study out all problems, thought.
In fact, I think that my problem dose not study out.
My goal is I make many web services and application.
To that end, I have to use many amount of time for programming.
But I have to rest many hours, so I can’t use amount of time, because I tired very much by previous work.
If I think that I ask again to myself that “What use myself now”, it is change.
Maybe a programming is not best now myself.
It is important for talking with friend that 80% question and 20% opinion.
The other day I went to dinner with interest women. I talked about only myself and I didn’t hear her talking.
I have to read this book before!
I don’t know useful contents of this book by love.
I think back old work, than I was be criticism man, so I failed.
If I think by question of study , I kept work.
I drain a motivation in last of project at all times.
I think that my customer said a abuse to me.
So I get feed up the work.
In this case, If I think this problem by A-B-C-C process, It was maybe happen different situation.
・A-B-C-C process
I should aware.
Am I “a person who criticizes”?
-I should deep breathe.
-I should stop walking  and take back step, Should I see my situation objectivity?
-I should have curiosity.
-Dose I know all fact? What was occurred here?
-I should select.
-What dose I select?
I met good book.
I think useful this book by a person that get in bind about human relationship and business manager, leader.



This story is out of information technology. This is the story of diet.
This story is self thinking. So there is no science to it. If you enter an agreement, you can read this story.

I translated this post to English from Japanese. I am studying English now. I am practicing writing English on the post of out of information technology.
English school (Gaba) offers lessons in speaking and checking English writing. I recommend it.

Well, I am dieting.
My heaviest weight was 82Kg. My weight is 74Kg now.
I reached my goal. I develop a beautiful tummy and I don’t feel terrible from the diet. So I will lose 10Kg. My new goal is 72Kg.
I don’t forget when I start  a diet. I recorded 82Kg on 7/10. (I have high blood pressure. So When I estimate the pressure, I estimate my weight and recorded it.) I was dieting for 2 months.

The diet consists of only yogurt and vegetables juice for dinner and walking.

I walk for 30 minutes per day. I change the distance of walking from day to day, because the distance from station to station is short and there are many line in Tokyo. But I don’t know if it is helpful for my diet, because I think I will lose more weight in a day by eating  a little lunch and dinner compare with a lot of  walking.

I eat one 450g yogurt from the super market at dinner. I feel full, because it’s enough. I don’t have a problem, because I like a yogurt. I drink a cup of vegetable juice, because I have to replace nutrient deficiencies. And, I take a supplement (Multi vitamin and mineral).
I eat normally at breakfast and lunch. I usually eat cereal (fruit granola ) or cheese toast.
But it’s not enough protein. I want to eat protein at lunch. I try cheese egg toat, because it’s not enough protein material. But I don’t eat in recent days, because it’s messy.

And, I soak in a bathtub for over 25 minutes, in order to  sweat a lot.  I estimate my weight before bath and after bath. My weight goes down by 500g.  I soak in a bathtub for over 25 minutes, because I heard that my body fat continues to burn after doing aerobic exercise for over 20 minutes. But it’s maybe insignificant.

I think my basal metabolism is lower than other peoples, because I eat a set meal or a boxed lunch so my weight goes up. I try to increase muscle father than increasing basal metabolism. My body fat percentage is over 25 percent. Someone said that the most cost effective product to increase muscle is “Total fitness exercise will STT021″ I will buy it and try it.

I am be badly bunkered as of late, because it begun cold day than when I eat a yogurt at dinner I feel cold. I want to eat hot food. I am thinking of cooking something hot and low calorie and good taste, which is to easy make. Perhaps heating up a vegetable mix and bacon in consomme  soup in the microwave. I will try it.

So I continue to diet , because it is not far from  my goal of only 2kg.


I could test by real terminate – Apple Developer Program

Previously, I bought “iPhone Developer Program”, but I could not soon activate it.
After that, I contacted Apple twice, But I did not receive a response to waiting for a month. Then I called them because I got tired of waiting.

There was a telephone number for Japan on their site. The telephone service was in both English and Japanese. I called because I thought  it would be easy since I am studying English and it seamed like simple English. Then an automated voice said if you hope Japanese, push the 2 button. I pushed “2″ button without question. After that, I heard the guidance that is “There is not idle line.” for 20 minutes. Then I can talk to the operator.

I described the situation, then he said that “I will send an email to manually activate. You should reply and fill out the form.” I gave my  name and mail address that I used to register. He said that “You should wait to receive the mail”  We stopped talking. It was too short.

About 15 minutes later, I received an email called Activate process for Apple Developer Program. I replied to the email as soon as I filled out billing address and order number. I clicked on the activation link  thinking that “When will it be enabled.” About 30 minutes later, the status changed. Then I could activate. (After that, I received an email from support saying “I had finished that changing the status” .)

After that, I try to do “iPhone SDK3 Programing Complete Book (Game Programing)” with my book. But it is a little different. (I think the system upped the version.)

(1)Making request the certificate on local
->I finished this process without a problem.

(2)Approving the certificate and download
->At first, the name changed from “iPhone Dev Center” to “iOS Dev Center”. I uploaded the certificate that made process (1). The book said to “Press the Approve button”, but “Status” changes to “Issued”, I should reload the page without pressing the button. Then the “Download” button showed. And then I downloaded the standard certificate file and “WWWDR intemediate certificate” file.  The application started as soon as I clicked each file. They were registered to my “Key Chain”.

(3)Registering the device
I should connect the device(my device is the iPad) to my Mac. But first I made a backup on a Windows PC because I was afraid to break the data. (I only use “Mac mini” to develop the application. Then I use “iTunes” on Windows PC)  This operation took about 20 minutes.
I connected iPad to Mac mini. As soon as iTunes started, I stopped iTunes because I was afraid that break the data. (I should change the mode  to non automatic sync mode.)
I started “Xcode”  as soon as I started “Organizer”. That make out iPad. (It is vaguely remember that I inputed iOS Dev Center ID and password.)
The book recommended to copy “Identifier code” and push “Add Device” button on Program Portal/Device of iOS Dev Center site. But my  iPad was already registered.

(4)Making “App ID”
I got confused here. The book said that You should register “App ID” on Program Portal/App IDs of iOS Dev Center site. But When I pushed “New App ID” button, the web site showed that
We are unable to process your request.
Please go back to the previous page, or quit your browser and try your request again.
I could not register. But the application of “Xcode: Wildcard AppID” already registered.  I thought that I could use this application. So I skipped this process.

(5)Making “Provisioning Profile”
The book wrote that You should add “Profile” by “Add Profile”. But the profile of Team Provisioning Profile was already registered on Program Portal/Provisioning of iOS Dev Center site. I thought that I could use this. Then I downloaded the file. I went to next.

(6)Installing “Profile”
The book said to add the profile by “Organizer”. But the form was not shown as a selection on the iPad. Why? I read the message. It said that “It is not supported on this version of iOS”.  My iPad was updated some time ago. That version is 3.2.2. “Xcode” that installed is 3.2.3.  It dosn’t support iOS 3.2.2. I checked on iOS Dev Center, “Xcode 3.2.4 and iOS SDK 4.1″ already released.  It’s OK. I downloaded new version Xcode and that upgraded. The installing took long time. I waited for 30 minute. I start Xcode again, the screen of iPad device changed. I could add the profile. But ”Team Provisioning Profile” already registered. I tried to add the file that downloaded on (5) , but It was not changed. Then the precess finished.

(7)Setting of “Xcode projectg”
The book said that You should change the setting of project and change the profile and update App ID. But the Profile was selected and I did not add “App ID”. So I could not do anything.  I continued in this way. The book said that you should select from pulldown menu on Xcode main window and you should click “Bulild and Run”, then the application start by real terminate. But, I cannot run it because there is no had SDK. Why? I open at the menu and checked the setting of project. The “iOS Deployment Target” is “iOS 4.0″. My iPad had not updated to version 4 yet. When I changed the version to 3.2, I could select the Device. Then I selected “Device – 3.2″, clicked “Build and Run”. After building , my iPad played a sound, the application started. The moving is same An application does movement same as a simulator properly!  I was impressed that! I must show to my friend.

So I reached the test by real terminate. The application is release on a later date because I must re-write the images. I could show the application because the application was run by real terminate. Good God! That’s it for today.


The Stanford University Commencement address by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs make a speech for alumni of Stanford University on 2005/6/12. The speech is created a sensation as soon as it was uploaded to a network. I did not know at that time.

The first time I heard about this speech was in the book of “The five theory in the web period(by Mochio Umeda)”.  At the end of the book, he referenced two sentences from the speech. He said that you should read this sentence many times and it is good that the sentence pick up. And he also recommended  that you should read the whole text of this speech and to watch the video as well.

In the book, he introduce the sentence by a celebrity in Silicon Valley. I make me want to work in Silicon Valley more. I was not only excited about this speech, because the speech was introduced in other many sentence.

But I saw the speech in other chance. It seemed like fate, because it is in the other chance. I saw the tweet in Twitter  about the speech of a naked dance on TED(Technology Entertainment Design Conference). When I saw the video on YouTube, I found the video about Steve Jobs speech in the recommended list.

The movie was divided into two parts. I reflected on my status after watching the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQDBaTIjY3s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShoOOS2GrWU

Jobs talked about three stories in his speech.

The first story is about connecting the dots. It started from when he was adopted out. Then he dropped out of college. He was released a lessen that was not interesting. He got the lessen of calligraphy(A decoration letter). He said that “If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces.” When he look back on the past thing, they were connecting. He said that you can not connect the dots to looking forward. So we believe that connecting the dots future.

The second story is about love and loss. He made Apple Inc. That grew big. But he was kicked out of the company. He was broken hearted. But he still loved his work. So he started the work again. He made Next Inc. and Pixer Inc. After that, Apple Inc. bought out Next Inc. suddenly. He returned to Apple Inc. He said that he met his wife. There was hitting with a brick. But he said that  it was necessary for himself . Then he said that “The only way to satisfy oneself is to do work that you believe is great. ” and he said that “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” In the end, he said that “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.”

The third story is about death. First, he was graven by a poem that said “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.” Next, it is the story that he was diagnosed for cancer. He said “it clears out the old to make way for the new.” for the experience that is nearest death. And he said next the sentence,

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

At the end, he talked about a book called “Whole Earth Catalogue”. This was the bible of his generation. He compare it to google for a library. There was the picture of a country road in the early morning in the back cover of the last volume. And these were the words on the bottom of the picture.

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish”

He repeated the sentence three times and concluded the speech.

“Do I love my job?” “Do I live for other people?” I am distressed because of the question, because I can’t say “YES” with confidence. So I want to listen earnestly to my inner voice.


tweetgreph – Analyze Tweet

Analyze Tweet and display Graph.


I made this site. But I want to add anything else.


Virtual Window

I wrote a blog the other day, Actually My life-work is supporting for SOHO(Small Office/Home Office) workers. But in the real, I hard to  say that is life-work, because I don’t have a time about that activity. But I think that it is my goal.
Before start-up, I thought that We can work without face to face. But I thought that it was difficult after I did. Now, We need  a “face to face” meeting.
The reasons include the problem of outsourcer’s mind and environment of network. But I think that a sense of reality is insufficient. This expression hard to describe.  If the PC display shows the face of a person in the small window, I feel that there is the person in the distance.

And so, I was thinking for some years, that this is  a “Virtual Window”.
If the place is left , it is streaming a video, I feel that the person is in a near by place by the picturephone.
The display of 10 inches or 20 inches is not usable. I used to use a 50 inch display that show the person in life size.
The technology is the same as a picturephone,  but it shows the person in life size at all anytime.
If you are sitting near the window, you say “Hello!” then he will say “What?” a short time later.

If  the company set the display at both places (the office and the home) and connected each one, the company manager can check the appearance of the employee.
And, when we install a big display in the meeting rooms, you can go to the nearest meeting room and you can meet with any places lived people.
After that I think the next field to develop is a cafe or a club with live music.
I put a big display in two cafes  that are far place and I am connecting them with video and voice. If you want to meet your friend who lives far away, you make a reservation and go to the nearest cafe. Then you feel that you are drinking with your friend at the same table. I think that it is different from videophone and video chat. It is important that it is displayed life size and connected at any time, then you feel that there is a person near you immediately.
In the use of  a club with live music, we connect two to the wall of the club , and we feel that we are in the same places.

I want to try connecting  two offices, for demonstrating experiment, but I don’t have the budget or the chance.
I should make a business plan. And I think that I should make a suggestion to many places.


The story about my start-up.

I had a dream that “I want to be company president” from my school days. I want to make a computer game, because I want to earn a lot of  money.

I was bullied as a child a little. I was thought that I should be a politician, because I dislike teasing and I want to live in a world where there is none. However I don’t  think I want to be politician now.

“I wanted to be a company president” was  more than just “I want to start-up”  .  After I thought that what do I? by start-up. I had reached that I want to support for a  SOHO workers.
In the those days,There is a story that let’s working in home or without being kept in the place. I thought to support for a SOHO workers, because I had a hard time for transfer by circumstances of the work of father.

The catalyst of start-up was I went to awkward situation about human relationship in the company and I was invited for a new business from the company president acquaintance.
A story is got off, it is interesting that catalyst of meet him.
I had the web site before start-up. I wrote that “I will make a company when …” and “I change a company style when …”. But he wrote that it is just saying that. After I wrote an argument to what he wrote. We started talking on the net. A little later, we met.  He is a good friend now.

In the beginning, It was hard! I didn’t have savings, because I left the company without an armory.
I got the job making websites without experience. I taught in computer school.
It was useful that I joined to the community of a freelance and a small company. I got some work from a member of  independent preparations seminar by the community.
I worked at start-up about support for SOHO workers in beginning of my start-up. But I run away, because I was irritated at that a business did not advance and I was not able to trust the president of the company. It was youthful mistake.
After, I was introduced to small software development company by a senior from my previous company.  I got possible to live as free SE , because I acquired the results on the job of that company .  (The company become largest company  in japan in its field. Therefore the president of the company became impossible to easily meet.  )

I got some work about supporting SOHO workers(it is original goal) from start-up. However I am a common freelance  software engineer now. Then My goal is possible to live by making web services now. So I am making a lot of web sites during earning daily cash income.


Started English site!

I started english version of my blog.

Please read and comment to me.