Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

I read the Change Your Questions, Change Your Life(Marilee G. Adams).
There is a lesson to be learnt here. ”You can’t change anyone else. If you want to change anyone else, you change myself.”
I understand the book that it is useful previous thing.
If you change from “question of criticism” to “question of study” , your attitude change and anyone else relationship change.
It is very wonderful that everybody has that attitude.
This dose not study out all problems, thought.
In fact, I think that my problem dose not study out.
My goal is I make many web services and application.
To that end, I have to use many amount of time for programming.
But I have to rest many hours, so I can’t use amount of time, because I tired very much by previous work.
If I think that I ask again to myself that “What use myself now”, it is change.
Maybe a programming is not best now myself.
It is important for talking with friend that 80% question and 20% opinion.
The other day I went to dinner with interest women. I talked about only myself and I didn’t hear her talking.
I have to read this book before!
I don’t know useful contents of this book by love.
I think back old work, than I was be criticism man, so I failed.
If I think by question of study , I kept work.
I drain a motivation in last of project at all times.
I think that my customer said a abuse to me.
So I get feed up the work.
In this case, If I think this problem by A-B-C-C process, It was maybe happen different situation.
・A-B-C-C process
I should aware.
Am I “a person who criticizes”?
-I should deep breathe.
-I should stop walking  and take back step, Should I see my situation objectivity?
-I should have curiosity.
-Dose I know all fact? What was occurred here?
-I should select.
-What dose I select?
I met good book.
I think useful this book by a person that get in bind about human relationship and business manager, leader.

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