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I wrote a blog the other day, Actually My life-work is supporting for SOHO(Small Office/Home Office) workers. But in the real, I hard to  say that is life-work, because I don’t have a time about that activity. But I think that it is my goal.
Before start-up, I thought that We can work without face to face. But I thought that it was difficult after I did. Now, We need  a “face to face” meeting.
The reasons include the problem of outsourcer’s mind and environment of network. But I think that a sense of reality is insufficient. This expression hard to describe.  If the PC display shows the face of a person in the small window, I feel that there is the person in the distance.

And so, I was thinking for some years, that this is  a “Virtual Window”.
If the place is left , it is streaming a video, I feel that the person is in a near by place by the picturephone.
The display of 10 inches or 20 inches is not usable. I used to use a 50 inch display that show the person in life size.
The technology is the same as a picturephone,  but it shows the person in life size at all anytime.
If you are sitting near the window, you say “Hello!” then he will say “What?” a short time later.

If  the company set the display at both places (the office and the home) and connected each one, the company manager can check the appearance of the employee.
And, when we install a big display in the meeting rooms, you can go to the nearest meeting room and you can meet with any places lived people.
After that I think the next field to develop is a cafe or a club with live music.
I put a big display in two cafes  that are far place and I am connecting them with video and voice. If you want to meet your friend who lives far away, you make a reservation and go to the nearest cafe. Then you feel that you are drinking with your friend at the same table. I think that it is different from videophone and video chat. It is important that it is displayed life size and connected at any time, then you feel that there is a person near you immediately.
In the use of  a club with live music, we connect two to the wall of the club , and we feel that we are in the same places.

I want to try connecting  two offices, for demonstrating experiment, but I don’t have the budget or the chance.
I should make a business plan. And I think that I should make a suggestion to many places.


  1. UltraBob says:

    This is another interesting attempt at solving the distance problem: http://anybots.com/#front

    1. Akihiro Seki says:

      That is very interesting!

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