I could test by real terminate – Apple Developer Program

Previously, I bought “iPhone Developer Program”, but I could not soon activate it.
After that, I contacted Apple twice, But I did not receive a response to waiting for a month. Then I called them because I got tired of waiting.

There was a telephone number for Japan on their site. The telephone service was in both English and Japanese. I called because I thought  it would be easy since I am studying English and it seamed like simple English. Then an automated voice said if you hope Japanese, push the 2 button. I pushed “2″ button without question. After that, I heard the guidance that is “There is not idle line.” for 20 minutes. Then I can talk to the operator.

I described the situation, then he said that “I will send an email to manually activate. You should reply and fill out the form.” I gave my  name and mail address that I used to register. He said that “You should wait to receive the mail”  We stopped talking. It was too short.

About 15 minutes later, I received an email called Activate process for Apple Developer Program. I replied to the email as soon as I filled out billing address and order number. I clicked on the activation link  thinking that “When will it be enabled.” About 30 minutes later, the status changed. Then I could activate. (After that, I received an email from support saying “I had finished that changing the status” .)

After that, I try to do “iPhone SDK3 Programing Complete Book (Game Programing)” with my book. But it is a little different. (I think the system upped the version.)

(1)Making request the certificate on local
->I finished this process without a problem.

(2)Approving the certificate and download
->At first, the name changed from “iPhone Dev Center” to “iOS Dev Center”. I uploaded the certificate that made process (1). The book said to “Press the Approve button”, but “Status” changes to “Issued”, I should reload the page without pressing the button. Then the “Download” button showed. And then I downloaded the standard certificate file and “WWWDR intemediate certificate” file.  The application started as soon as I clicked each file. They were registered to my “Key Chain”.

(3)Registering the device
I should connect the device(my device is the iPad) to my Mac. But first I made a backup on a Windows PC because I was afraid to break the data. (I only use “Mac mini” to develop the application. Then I use “iTunes” on Windows PC)  This operation took about 20 minutes.
I connected iPad to Mac mini. As soon as iTunes started, I stopped iTunes because I was afraid that break the data. (I should change the mode  to non automatic sync mode.)
I started “Xcode”  as soon as I started “Organizer”. That make out iPad. (It is vaguely remember that I inputed iOS Dev Center ID and password.)
The book recommended to copy “Identifier code” and push “Add Device” button on Program Portal/Device of iOS Dev Center site. But my  iPad was already registered.

(4)Making “App ID”
I got confused here. The book said that You should register “App ID” on Program Portal/App IDs of iOS Dev Center site. But When I pushed “New App ID” button, the web site showed that
We are unable to process your request.
Please go back to the previous page, or quit your browser and try your request again.
I could not register. But the application of “Xcode: Wildcard AppID” already registered.  I thought that I could use this application. So I skipped this process.

(5)Making “Provisioning Profile”
The book wrote that You should add “Profile” by “Add Profile”. But the profile of Team Provisioning Profile was already registered on Program Portal/Provisioning of iOS Dev Center site. I thought that I could use this. Then I downloaded the file. I went to next.

(6)Installing “Profile”
The book said to add the profile by “Organizer”. But the form was not shown as a selection on the iPad. Why? I read the message. It said that “It is not supported on this version of iOS”.  My iPad was updated some time ago. That version is 3.2.2. “Xcode” that installed is 3.2.3.  It dosn’t support iOS 3.2.2. I checked on iOS Dev Center, “Xcode 3.2.4 and iOS SDK 4.1″ already released.  It’s OK. I downloaded new version Xcode and that upgraded. The installing took long time. I waited for 30 minute. I start Xcode again, the screen of iPad device changed. I could add the profile. But ”Team Provisioning Profile” already registered. I tried to add the file that downloaded on (5) , but It was not changed. Then the precess finished.

(7)Setting of “Xcode projectg”
The book said that You should change the setting of project and change the profile and update App ID. But the Profile was selected and I did not add “App ID”. So I could not do anything.  I continued in this way. The book said that you should select from pulldown menu on Xcode main window and you should click “Bulild and Run”, then the application start by real terminate. But, I cannot run it because there is no had SDK. Why? I open at the menu and checked the setting of project. The “iOS Deployment Target” is “iOS 4.0″. My iPad had not updated to version 4 yet. When I changed the version to 3.2, I could select the Device. Then I selected “Device – 3.2″, clicked “Build and Run”. After building , my iPad played a sound, the application started. The moving is same An application does movement same as a simulator properly!  I was impressed that! I must show to my friend.

So I reached the test by real terminate. The application is release on a later date because I must re-write the images. I could show the application because the application was run by real terminate. Good God! That’s it for today.

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  1. UltraBob says:

    I’ve also experienced building an app and getting it to run on my Apple device (iPhone in my case) and I also ran into the target device problem before I got it all figured out. It is a really good feeling to see your app running on the device though, isn’t it? I would like to develop a game for my son for the iPad, but I don’t think I’ll buy an iPad until the next version comes out so I’m not hurrying.

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