The story about my start-up.

I had a dream that “I want to be company president” from my school days. I want to make a computer game, because I want to earn a lot of  money.

I was bullied as a child a little. I was thought that I should be a politician, because I dislike teasing and I want to live in a world where there is none. However I don’t  think I want to be politician now.

“I wanted to be a company president” was  more than just “I want to start-up”  .  After I thought that what do I? by start-up. I had reached that I want to support for a  SOHO workers.
In the those days,There is a story that let’s working in home or without being kept in the place. I thought to support for a SOHO workers, because I had a hard time for transfer by circumstances of the work of father.

The catalyst of start-up was I went to awkward situation about human relationship in the company and I was invited for a new business from the company president acquaintance.
A story is got off, it is interesting that catalyst of meet him.
I had the web site before start-up. I wrote that “I will make a company when …” and “I change a company style when …”. But he wrote that it is just saying that. After I wrote an argument to what he wrote. We started talking on the net. A little later, we met.  He is a good friend now.

In the beginning, It was hard! I didn’t have savings, because I left the company without an armory.
I got the job making websites without experience. I taught in computer school.
It was useful that I joined to the community of a freelance and a small company. I got some work from a member of  independent preparations seminar by the community.
I worked at start-up about support for SOHO workers in beginning of my start-up. But I run away, because I was irritated at that a business did not advance and I was not able to trust the president of the company. It was youthful mistake.
After, I was introduced to small software development company by a senior from my previous company.  I got possible to live as free SE , because I acquired the results on the job of that company .  (The company become largest company  in japan in its field. Therefore the president of the company became impossible to easily meet.  )

I got some work about supporting SOHO workers(it is original goal) from start-up. However I am a common freelance  software engineer now. Then My goal is possible to live by making web services now. So I am making a lot of web sites during earning daily cash income.

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  1. UltraBob says:

    Good to read this and get a little bit more insight into who you are. I’m glad to hear you are active with making a number of web services. I hope that slowly they will free you up to relax a little bit more and work on exactly what you want to work on.

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