This story is out of information technology. This is the story of diet.
This story is self thinking. So there is no science to it. If you enter an agreement, you can read this story.

I translated this post to English from Japanese. I am studying English now. I am practicing writing English on the post of out of information technology.
English school (Gaba) offers lessons in speaking and checking English writing. I recommend it.

Well, I am dieting.
My heaviest weight was 82Kg. My weight is 74Kg now.
I reached my goal. I develop a beautiful tummy and I don’t feel terrible from the diet. So I will lose 10Kg. My new goal is 72Kg.
I don’t forget when I start  a diet. I recorded 82Kg on 7/10. (I have high blood pressure. So When I estimate the pressure, I estimate my weight and recorded it.) I was dieting for 2 months.

The diet consists of only yogurt and vegetables juice for dinner and walking.

I walk for 30 minutes per day. I change the distance of walking from day to day, because the distance from station to station is short and there are many line in Tokyo. But I don’t know if it is helpful for my diet, because I think I will lose more weight in a day by eating  a little lunch and dinner compare with a lot of  walking.

I eat one 450g yogurt from the super market at dinner. I feel full, because it’s enough. I don’t have a problem, because I like a yogurt. I drink a cup of vegetable juice, because I have to replace nutrient deficiencies. And, I take a supplement (Multi vitamin and mineral).
I eat normally at breakfast and lunch. I usually eat cereal (fruit granola ) or cheese toast.
But it’s not enough protein. I want to eat protein at lunch. I try cheese egg toat, because it’s not enough protein material. But I don’t eat in recent days, because it’s messy.

And, I soak in a bathtub for over 25 minutes, in order to  sweat a lot.  I estimate my weight before bath and after bath. My weight goes down by 500g.  I soak in a bathtub for over 25 minutes, because I heard that my body fat continues to burn after doing aerobic exercise for over 20 minutes. But it’s maybe insignificant.

I think my basal metabolism is lower than other peoples, because I eat a set meal or a boxed lunch so my weight goes up. I try to increase muscle father than increasing basal metabolism. My body fat percentage is over 25 percent. Someone said that the most cost effective product to increase muscle is “Total fitness exercise will STT021″ I will buy it and try it.

I am be badly bunkered as of late, because it begun cold day than when I eat a yogurt at dinner I feel cold. I want to eat hot food. I am thinking of cooking something hot and low calorie and good taste, which is to easy make. Perhaps heating up a vegetable mix and bacon in consomme  soup in the microwave. I will try it.

So I continue to diet , because it is not far from  my goal of only 2kg.

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