Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

I read the Change Your Questions, Change Your Life(Marilee G. Adams). There is a lesson to be learnt here. ”You can’t change anyone else. If you want to change anyone else, you change myself.” I understand the book that it is useful previous thing. If you change from “question of criticism” to “question of study” , your attitude… Continue reading »



This story is out of information technology. This is the story of diet. This story is self thinking. So there is no science to it. If you enter an agreement, you can read this story. I translated this post to English from Japanese. I am studying English now. I am practicing writing English on the post… Continue reading »


I could test by real terminate – Apple Developer Program

Previously, I bought “iPhone Developer Program”, but I could not soon activate it. After that, I contacted Apple twice, But I did not receive a response to waiting for a month. Then I called them because I got tired of waiting. There was a telephone number for Japan on their site. The telephone service was… Continue reading »


The Stanford University Commencement address by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs make a speech for alumni of Stanford University on 2005/6/12. The speech is created a sensation as soon as it was uploaded to a network. I did not know at that time. The first time I heard about this speech was in the book of “The five theory in the web period(by Mochio Umeda)”.… Continue reading »


Virtual Window

I wrote a blog the other day, Actually My life-work is supporting for SOHO(Small Office/Home Office) workers. But in the real, I hard to  say that is life-work, because I don’t have a time about that activity. But I think that it is my goal. Before start-up, I thought that We can work without face… Continue reading »


The story about my start-up.

I had a dream that “I want to be company president” from my school days. I want to make a computer game, because I want to earn a lot of  money. I was bullied as a child a little. I was thought that I should be a politician, because I dislike teasing and I want… Continue reading »


Started English site!

I started english version of my blog. Please read and comment to me.